Adding an SPF record

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2020
A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a DNS record used for verifying your sent emails. The record identifies which mail servers are permitted to send from the email server which prevents spammers from forging emails sent, using your domain. SPF records uses the TXT record type.

An example of an SPF record:


  • Log in to your hosting or registrar account.

  • Locate where your domains are.

  • Click on the domain name you wish to create an SPF record for.

  • Click Manage DNS Records.

  • Here you will add the desired SPF record, provided by your host.

  • Select TXT in the “Type” drop-down menu.

  • In the “Host” field leave blank (if allowed) for root domain, or enter @.

  • Paste the value (string) into the “Value” field.

  • Leave “TTL” as it is (default).

  • Click the “Add Record” button.